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KentCulture and Creative Magazine are dedicated to developing an online community to help promote culture in Southeast England.
Bringing together people creating and supporting a wide range of talent, benefitting from shared marketing, advertising and communications resources, knowledge and experience. Use the link below to view the Connecting Creatives page.

Supporting Creatives

Supporting individual artists & groups
Kentculture provides support to both individuals artists and creative groups in a number of different ways both online and in the physical world.
No matter the creative output, it is vitally important that creatives get the support they need to grow.
Kentculture and Creative Magazine aim to help.
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Strange Cargo
Creative Foundation
Peter Livesey

KentCulture Creative Magazine

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Creative Magazine is a high quality A4 niche publication. Editorial led with quality, well written features of local and international interest and case studies to promote a variety of Creatives in Southeast England and Kent businesses.
Creative Magazine is available in all areas of Kent within CT1 to CT6 postcodes. Quarterly, 10,000 copies are distributed per issue and also available to pick up in selected Estate Agents, Hotel, Coffee Shops and Public Buildings.

e unique distribution ensures that advertising reaches target audiences throughout Kent.
Informative, with good content, style and design makes for a light read and easily digestible information bites direct to your desktop or mobile device.

Creative Magazine

KentCulture Creative News

Creative News

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KentCulture feature the latest design news from across the graphic design, illustration, photography, art, event and publishing sectors. If you would like KentCulture and Creative Magazine to feature your news then please visit our ‘Editorial submissions‘ page for more information.

See the dedicated KentCulture Creative News page for local and international events below.
Creative News
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Arts and cultural provision

Arts and cultural provision in Folkestone is getting a huge boost thanks to Arts Council England and the Creative Foundation.
Culture has been at the heart of Folkestone’s regeneration over the last decade, helping to make it a more exciting and vibrant place to live, work and relax.
And now, with the support of £750,000 from the Arts Council, the Creative Foundation has ambitious plans to build on this success. read more
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BMW Centenary Sculpture

BMW Centenary Sculpture Unveiled at Goodwood Festival of Speed.
Artist Gerry Judah was asked by BMW to create a sculpture to commemorate their centenary at Goodwood Festival of Speed.
With over two hundred thousand visitors over one weekend, this is the global platform where the world’s most amazing motorsport machines are in evidence, static and dynamic. read more
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Top design researchers

Top design researchers from around the world are attending what is being billed as the largest conference ever hosted by the University of Brighton.
The 50th anniversary Design Research Society conference at the Brighton Dome will involve 220 peer-reviewed papers, keynote debates, workshops, and presentations.
Professor Peter Lloyd, the university’s Professor of Design and the conference chair, said: “We are planning a special and inclusive event that looks back to the history of design and research and, most of all, looks forward to the future. read more
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Upgrade For Affinity Designer

Powerful New Upgrade For Affinity Designer.
Award-winning Affinity Designer, the professional vector design software for Mac, has unveiled the powerful new features which will be central to its next update.
Affinity Designer developer Serif (Europe) Ltd has released a ‘sneak peek’ video demonstrating the changes. read more
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The Kent Creative Live Show

Channel Radio.
The Kent Creative Live Show is a programme on the world of art and culture in Kent, with talks, stories, reportages, reviews, news… Hosted by French-born Nathalie Banaigs, founder of Kent Creative Arts CIC, project manager in the media, arts and culture industry. Listen Live every Tuesday afternoon at more

Fundraising Camp with Fundraising UK

One Day Event for Fundraisers July 14th 2016.
Hosted by the School of Music & Fine Art with Fundraising UK, (and the first time this event has taken place in Medway), this is a fantastic opportunity for local and regional arts professionals and fundraisers to learn, share good practice and network. Spend a day learning, talking about and maybe even solving the issues and challenges you face in your fundraising. Learn from other arts and culture fundraisers, find out how they've dealt with similar problems, and share your experience.
Make some useful contacts and enjoy a very practical day of sharing arts and culture fundraising advice. Think of it as those often valuable networking chat sessions you have at normal conferences but for a whole day! read more
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Indietracks is a unique summer music festival

Indietracks is a unique summer music festival, combining steam trains and indiepop music!
It takes place at the Midland Railway Centre in the heart of the Derbyshire countryside, and the next festival will be on the weekend of 29-31 July 2016.
Without even getting as far as the glorious Lovely Eggs, here’s a selection of what you can look forward to read more
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Artist Spends 100s Hours Drawing Hyperrealistic Art

Artist Spends 100s Hours Drawing Hyperrealistic Art Using Renaissance Techniques.
You could be forgiven for thinking that these portraits are photographs, but believe it or not they’re actually drawings by Italian artist Emanuele Dascanio.
Some of them take up to 780 hours to complete, and it’s easy to see why when you look at the artist’s amazingly lifelike creations. He draws them using a combination of charcoal and graphite and the subjects are often illuminated with a single source of light that gives every piece a certain renaissance quality about it. read more

Creative Magazine Resources

Kentculture has gathered together some useful online resources for designers, creatives and illustrators.
These links include different tools, resources and services available to creatives. For your information, we are not responsible for such websites or material nor do we review or endorse these.
We will continue to expand this area of our website and if you have a suggestion of a resource that you think we should add then please drop us a line.

Below is a link to the Resources displayed in Creative Magazine and much more

Grab yourself some crayons, pens or brushes and have a go. Chances are you’ve already heard it’s the year of the adult colouring book. Publications have touted the books’ ability to help adults “de-stress and self-express”. Colouring has been said to be able to help you achieve mindfulness, banish anxiety, and even deal with trauma. Some of the books explicitly label themselves as “art therapy.” You will find hundreds of projects here. A local Kent scene available in every edition. Free to download and print. Creative Resources
Not only do creatives have to make time to find inspiration for their next project, manage feedback, attend meetings, and communicate with their clients, they also have to locate the time to actually sit down and do the work.
Kentculture has compiled a comprehensive list of the best software, apps, tools, skills, websites and resources to help streamline your work, find inspiration, show off your amazing design skills, and make collaboration easier.
Creative Resources
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Dribbble is billed as “show and tell for designers”. In a nutshell, it is the premier resource for discovering and connecting with designers around the globe. Designers can upload images (or “shots” as they are referred to on Dribbble) and other users can ask questions, provide feedback, and debate a designer’s visual choices.
Creative Resources
Strictly speaking, now that most design software is available on both PC and Mac, it doesn’t particularly matter which platform you choose. However, the Mac’s pedigree, its powerful and intuitive OS and its built-in support for design peripherals make it the overwhelming favourite for design professionals. Don't forget a Pencil and Paper are a must, and a DSL Camera if your budget runs to it.
Creative Resources
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KentCulture feature the latest design news from across the graphic design, illustration, photography, art, event and publishing sectors both on our website and in our magazine. If you would like your product, service, event or book title to feature in the Creative Magazine then please drop us a line – We can not guarantee the article or review will be included.
Creative Resources
Golden Ratio Calculator
Although not necessarily a new innovation in the world of design (it is almost 2,400 years old after all), the golden ratio is found almost everywhere in nature and it applies to design composition as well. It states that “two elements are in perfect harmony when measured to the ratio of 1:1.618”. Understanding it’s value as a timeless design fundamental is certainly worthwhile. This handy calculator should help you to calculate and scale the golden ratio for any workspace.
Creative Resources
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A logo is a visual representation of what your company stands for and therefore acts as the “face” of your business. This makes them a fantastic way of promoting your brand both on- and off-line, and a fantastic way of standing out from your competition. Unfortunately, getting them right can be tricky.
If you’re struggling with your branding, we’ve compiled a list of high quality logo creation tools to help you create your brand.
Creative Resources
Typography is one of the most challenging yet rewarding parts of any design process. Not only do you have to choose a suitable typeface, you also need to decide on appropriate line spacing, height, point size and so much more. Getting your typography right will make your design work more powerful, more readable, and generally much more efficient.
Creative Resources
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Sharing communities designed solely for the sharing and appreciation of colours, palettes and patterns. Superb sources of colour and palette inspiration. Illustration tools, image libraries, presentation tools. Practical information on desks, chairs, cameras, headphones etc.
Creative Resources
Papers, paints, links to inspiration websites. Tools for gathering ideas and expressing your ideas faster. With highly intuitive drag and drop interfaces allowing you to create mood boards in a matter of minutes.
Creative Resources
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Don't forget the Kentculture Creative Magazine dedicated to developing an online community to help promote culture in Southeast England.
Bringing together people creating and supporting a wide range of talent, benefitting from shared marketing, advertising and communications resources, knowledge and experience. Online and print copies available.
Creative Resources
Magazine Resources
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KentCulture support creative events and artists. Having long been associated with many successful projects ranging from art exhibitions, live music events and artist-led workshops. We like nothing more than helping people be creative.

If you have any questions, please fill out all the fields in the contact form and we will reply as soon as possible.
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