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Southeast England is a treasure trove of talent. Artists, musicians, potters, sculptors, weavers, quilters, furniture makers, jewellers, photographers, graphic artists. Fashion designers, dancers, workers in the performing arts, video, television, animation, creative writing and much, much more.

KentCulture and Creative Magazine are dedicated to developing an online community to help promote culture in Southeast England.
Bringing together people creating and supporting a wide range of talent, benefitting from shared marketing, advertising and communications resources, knowledge and experience.

This is a real opportunity to promote yourself, business, or organisation in Southeast England, to the whole world.
Your own dedicated webpage within a like minded community website. Galleries. Plenty of space for your bio - Your own contact form. Links to your own website, gallery, venue or business.

If you live, work, have a business or are part of an organisation in or nearby Southeast England, and have talent that you wish to showcase, a webpage here may well be for you.
Having an interesting and attractive page can help to more effectively promote you or your business - quickly and easily have a webpage created for you telling potential customers about your arts and crafts products, events or services. We optimise your page for search engines, so that people can find you.

Peter Livesey

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My aim is a little like that of Narrative Painting but is less prescriptive. My intention is to leave much of the visual interpretation to the observer and his or her imagination. The titles of the works, therefore, are much simpler and less directive. Whilst within the next few pages I have given detailed explanations of my work and my intentions, my observations of the characters portrayed are mine alone and I invite you the observer to be imaginative and try to put your own interpretation on the scene.


Strange Cargo

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Strange Cargo is a Kent based arts company and charity whose specialise in participatory art. The company has won many awards for their practice of making artworks, working with other people in public spaces, including awards from the European Prize for Urban Public Space, Liberty Property, the Charity Commission, Arts and Business and Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI).


Creative Foundation

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The Creative Quarter is close to the sea from where one can see France and is only 57 minutes from London by train. While the rents are affordable, the buildings are a mix of the restored historic and designer contemporary.
It is inhabited by hundreds of creative people ranging from international brand companies to sixth form students, from designers to makers, from artists to musicians. These people create a community that supports each other’s creativity and businesses.


Derek Himsley

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We repair Brass, Woodwind and Stringed musical instruments.
We offer a high quality and excellent service at affordable prices - no task is too small or too large.
If you are interested in customising your instrument please contact our team for a discussion and free no obligation quote. Whatever you require, we will try to offer solutions to meet your needs.


Diana Harrison

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Artist, Diana Harrison works from a studio in Hythe, Kent, with the English Channel lapping on to the pebble beach 150 yards from her home, the White Cliffs of the Dover and Folkestone Coast a few miles away in one direction and the Romney Marsh in the other.
Diana’s work is always experimental, which through the process of exploration in the making both in terms of the subject matter and in the choice of materials and techniques, often results in something enigmatic, ambiguous, disturbing even.


Richard Tozer

Richard Tozer



Here are a few examples - Galleries or virtual galleries from your images or video are available. Do contact us if you are interested.

What you will need - A short biography to highlight key features of your creativity, business or event, your mission statement or what inspired you on your creative journey.
Pictures representing your art or craft work, showing the type of materials or methods you use. Examples of your photographs or video work showing excerpts from your films, or samples of music if you are musicians.
A good description of what you create and how, the range of what you supply, the events you run or your venue facilities to help people appreciate what you do.
Accurate contact and business details, that will help to ensure you are listed in the correct sections of the site and enable other members to contact you.
An entry page on this website is for a limited period £99 a year.

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